meiji shrine

We met in the fall of 2011; I (Kelly) had just transferred to the University of Valley Forge after spending three months doing missions work in Peru, and Caleb was starting his Junior Year after spending his summer in both Kenya and Israel.

While we connected instantly over our mutual love for The Office and Bombay Bicycle Club, our true connection was travel. Both of us had done missions work before meeting one another, and we knew that life overseas was something we wanted for the future.

Fast-forward two years, a six-week trip to South Korea, and a beautiful June wedding.

Caleb had landed an amazing job as a Financial Manager at our alma mater, and I was finishing my last two years as an Education Major. I remember coming home one day after a long 10 hours of classes and work at a local daycare center, and wondering if our life together was going to be like this forever. We climbed into bed and began thinking about where we wanted to be in 5…10…15 years. What were our goals? What did we want to accomplish?

While we didn’t know the answer to every question we asked ourselves, one thing was still clear: we wanted to see the world.

After I graduated in 2015, we started the process of looking for jobs overseas. We thought about moving back to South Korea, but eventually stumbled upon the Wakakusa English Program, a two-year program that employs Christian teachers in Japan.

And that’s where we are now.

While I’ve blogged on and off for about six years, Real World Travelers was the brainchild of both of us. After moving to Japan,  I started blogging regularly at We Are the Andersons simply to keep our family and friends updated, but we soon realized that if we worked together, our blog could have so much more potential. Travel blogs are nothing new, but why not us? Why not now?

If you’ve made it this far, thank you!

We are so excited to see where this blog will take us, and we can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Caleb + Kelly