Melaka was the second city that we visited during our time in Malaysia. It was very different from Kuala Lumpur, but still had a ton of history and character to it. We spent two days in Melaka, and tried our best to do as much as possible. Keep reading to find out more!Melaka


From Kuala Lumpur, we took an express bus to Melaka, a city about an hour and a half away. The bus we took was pretty comfortable, but no drinks or food were allowed, and the air conditioning was blasting….I never actually expected to feel cold in Malaysia, and only had a thin cardigan to keep me warm. We eventually made it to Melaka, and experienced our very first (and thankfully, only) rainy day of the trip.


At the Melaka bus station, we grabbed a taxi that took us to the Dutch Square, picked up a couple of overpriced umbrellas, and walked to our hotel, which was thankfully only about a five minute walk from that point. Unfortunately, we arrived too early to check in, but the hotel let us leave our backpacks at the front desk and we headed back out in the rain for some lunch.


Our hotel was pretty centrally located, and close to a lot of awesome sites and delicious eats. We walked over to a place called Nancy’s Kitchen for some Peranakan Food, but it’s closed on Mondays, so we checked out Heng Hong Tin Kee, another place that was high on our list of restaurants to try.


We ordered their classic Herb Mutton Soup with a side of stir fried greens, which turned out to be the perfect lunch for a rainy afternoon. I’ll write more about the soup, but I’ll just say now that it was absolutely unforgettable. Definitely one of the best things we ate in all of Malaysia.



By the time we finished lunch, we were able to check into our hotel. The rain had also picked up more, so we hung out in our room trying to wait it out before finding dinner.


The rain didn’t seem to want to stop, so we decided to brave it and explore the city anyway.

Once we got out of the more touristy areas of Melaka and started walking on more of the main roads, things got a little more difficult. The rain certainly didn’t help much, and we were glad we chose to wear our Chacos, because our feet were soaked through.

We had two main objectives for our first night in Melaka:

1. Get pineapple tarts: MelakaEven though you can find pineapple tarts pretty much anywhere in Malaysia, we had heard that the Bee Bee Pineapple Tart House has the best tarts in the city. MelakaBee Bee’s is an actual house on the side of the road – there wasn’t a cafe area, or place to sit and enjoy the tarts, so we took our order to go, and headed back out in the rain.

2. Eat seafood at the Portuguese Settlement:

Melaka When we had done research about Melaka, we were fascinated to find that the city is home to a group of people that are both Malay and Portuguese – thanks to the influence and intermarrying during the Portuguese colonial period.


There are a lot of restaurants to choose from, but we were blindsided by an employee of Restoran Decosta’s. This turned out to be a so-so place, but more on that later…

Giving In: 

After our dinner at the Portuguese Settlement, we gave into the rain and decided to make our way back to the hotel. The staff at Decosta’s called us a taxi, and we arrived at Hotel Puri happy, full, and completely dry.

We were a little bummed because we felt like we lost a day of sightseeing on account of the rain, but knew that we had one more full day to make up lost time. Our second day in Melaka was packed full, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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