Cijin Island

I recently talked to my mom, and she said she missed my more personal posts.

Finding the balance between writing about travel and including more personal stories has been more difficult than I thought, but I’m excited to continue learning and growing with this blog/website.

Today I thought I would take my mom’s advice, and share a little bit about how we spent Christmas Morning in Taiwan.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and because we had already celebrated Thanksgiving in Japan, I went into our trip expecting not to feel festive, and even expected a little bit of sadness along the way.

Our Morning on Cijin Island:

Cijin Island

As we woke up in our Airbnb on Christmas morning, I knew it was Christmas somewhere, but it felt like just another normal day in Taiwan. Thankfully I didn’t feel sad or depressed, but I was excited to get out and enjoy our last day in Kaohsiung.

We rode our bicycles from the Cozy Cottage, to the Kaohsiung Harbour, where we boarded the Cijin Ferry. The ferry ride was a little loud, but smooth, and we stood next to our bikes for the duration of the 5 minute ride.

Cijin Island

Once we reached the island, we breathed in the salty air and took our time biking around the island. We sat on the beach watching the waves come and go, and hiked up to the Cihou Fort and the Cihou Lighthouse.

Cijin Island

On the way up to the lighthouse, we stopped at a vending machine to buy drinks. A group of three men cut in front of us, but then gave us the drinks they purchased in exchange for a picture with them. It was a strange encounter, but one I’ll never forget.

At the light house, we marveled at the deep blue waters below us, and I reminisced that the last time I experienced 70 degree Christmas weather was when we spent Christmas at Disney many moons ago.

Cijin Island is like a different world nestled in the bustling city of Kaohsiung, and our only regret was that we didn’t spend more time exploring this hidden gem.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but I don’t have very many:

Cijin Island

I can’t write too much about what there is to do on the island because we did very little research, and didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as we did.

Our camera also decided to act up that day, and so our pictures from that morning are scarce. Check out our Day 3 Vlog to get a better feeling of what the island is like.

Cijin Island

From our experience, we would recommend taking bikes on the ferry to ride around the island, hike up to the lighthouse, and eat some seafood at one of the many restaurants on the island.

After doing some research on other things on the island, here is a short list of things available to visitors:
  1. Cijin Shell Museum
  2. Cijin Wind Turbine Museum
  3. YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung
  4. Chi Jin Mazu Temple
  5. Rainbow Arch
  6. Qihou Market
  7. A beautiful beach, plenty of food vendors, and stunning views

Most of these are primarily tourist-y, but are things we would definitely add to our list of things to do if we visit Cijin Island again.

Visiting Information:


25 NTD for a one-way ticket to the island.


Have you checked out Cijin Island?

What would you recommend for visitors?