Liouhe Night Market

After a day of walking around Lotus Pond and visiting the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, we were ready to eat. There are four different night markets to choose from in Kaohsiung, but we chose to check out Liouhe Night Market. 

Liouhe Night Market:

Voted as one of the best night markets in Taiwan, Liouhe Night Market is a popular tourist destination for good reason. The market is close to the Kaohsiung train station, which makes getting there a breeze, and is overall very easy to navigate. With wide open streets and a great variety of food options, this food haven is one market that should not be missed when visiting Kaohsiung.

Our First Impression:

Coming in at #2 on our list of Top Five Night Markets, Liouhe quickly became one of our favorites. Not only were we impressed with the cleanliness and openness of the market, but we found what turned out to be some of our favorite foods in all of Taiwan.

We would definitely visit Liouhe again, and would encourage anyone visiting Taiwan to do the same.

Liouhe Night Market Food:

We tried four different things at Liouhe, but didn’t even scratch the surface of what was available to us; seafood, meat, fruit, and vegetables galore! My mouth is watering as I type this.

Here is what we ate at Liouhe, and what we thought about it all.

Liouhe Night Market
#1 Cheesy Stuffed Clams:

As Caleb says in the vlog, they were just as their name suggests, “cheesy and delicious.” Piping hot and filled with cheesy goodness, these stuffed clam shells were a perfect way to start our night. The clam shells are stuffed with a mixture of breading, cheese, chili seasoning, and of course, clams. These ingredients are then melded together on the grill, and served up fresh for all who pass by.

You can always tell how a meal is going to go based on the appetizers, and this one set the mood for a great food haul at Liouhe.

Liouhe Night Market

#2 Pure Sugar Cane Juice:

Nothing can describe this drink better than “sweet, sweet, sweet.” Sugar cane is pressed through a machine and produces the most deliciously sweet nectar.

If you don’t like overly-sweet things, stay far away from this stall. But if you’re like me (a recovering sugar addict), you’re in luck because this drink was made for you. Paired with something savory, like grilled prawns, this is a perfect night market find.

You can buy sugar cane juice at every night market in Taiwan, but Liouhe is where we first had it.

Liouhe Night Market

#3 Fresh Grilled Prawns:

These were hands down the best (and biggest) prawns I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Only minutes before being skewered and thrown on the grill, these guys were swimming around in a tank without a care.

With just a sprinkle of salt/MSG/secret spices, they were succulent, flavorful, and just downright delicious. No matter where you go, seafood is always a little more expensive than everything else, but eating grilled prawns at Liouhe is more than worth it.

Liouhe Night Market

#4 Mushroom Straws:

This was an interesting find, and probably our least favorite of the night.

I’m not entirely sure what kind of mushrooms they were frying up, but if I could take a guess it would be enoki mushrooms. The chef sliced these mushrooms very thinly, dipped them in batter, and then deep fried them.

Unfortunately, the mushrooms kind of got lost in the batter, and all we tasted was the spicy fried outer coating. They were still enjoyable, but we probably wouldn’t get them again.

Want to Visit Liouhe?

Hours: 6 – 11 p.m. (Open Daily)

How to Get There: Because Liouhe is so conveniently located, a simple trip on the metro to Formosa Boulevard Station will get you to the market. Take Exit 11, and follow signs for the market.

Have you visited Liouhe Night Market? What was your experience like? What foods would you recommend for future travelers?

Let us know in the comments below!