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When you’re traveling, whether it’s a short road trip or a trek overseas, one of the most important aspects of the journey is where you’ll stay.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Because hotels are often more expensive in Tokyo and we didn’t want to stay in a hostel, we chose to use Airbnb.

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Signing up is completely free, but even if you don’t book anything right away, it’s still fun to peruse different listings and dream of possible adventures.

You’ll be able to find some great deals on places to stay in almost any country, and it’s always a great alternative to pricey hotels.

What We Needed:

Because we were spending a little over a week in Tokyo, our list of qualifications included:

  1. Affordable
  2. Close to the metro
  3. Safe & Quiet
  4. Equipped with a laundry unit and kitchen

After perusing the Airbnb website for possible apartments, we eventually chose to stay in the Samurai Room. The hosts own a few other apartments in different parts of Tokyo, and had excellent reviews and feedback.

Looking back, we honestly would have picked a different area besides Shinjuku to stay in, but overall, our Airbnb met (almost) all of our qualifications, and helped make our stay in Tokyo both comfortable and enjoyable.

About the Samurai Room:

The Samurai Room is located in the district of Shinjuku, and is only a three-minute walk from the Higashi Shinjuku station. The area around the apartment is safe and quiet, and offers visitors a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring Tokyo. Along with being close to a metro station, it is also close to many restaurants and convenience stores, which we took advantage of for snacks and drinks each night.

We found the Samurai Room to be very comfortable, and were pleasantly surprised to find a clean and cozy apartment that was exactly what the online listing promised.


A few days before our stay, the hosts made certain to contact us to ensure that we had everything we needed for our time in Shinjuku. Because of their excellent instructions, we were able to find the apartment easily and were able to access the keys and settle in quickly. The best part? We were able to check in early, which is not something you should ever take for granted.

When we first walked into the apartment, we entered right into the kitchen area that was equipped with a washer unit, a mini fridge, sink, microwave, and burner. It was also stocked with dishes and silverware, which we used a couple of nights to eat in.

Like most other apartments in Japan, the toilet and shower were in separate rooms. The shower had shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, which was a nice touch since we had packed pretty lightly. Because we went to Tokyo in the heat of summer, the washer was also greatly appreciated, and we left Tokyo with clean clothes in our backpacks.

The main room had a double bed, a couch, a nice sized coffee table, and a t.v. The hosts also included a few other amenities like a hair dryer, towels, and yukatas to wear during our stay.

Along with the convenience of the apartment, we were provided with guidebooks and maps to use throughout the week, as well as a pocket wi-fi, which we used every day that we were in Tokyo.


Unfortunately, the apartment did not include a clothes dryer, but there were hangers to dry them outside. Another downside to the apartment was the lack of counter space, but that wasn’t really a necessity since we had ate out the majority of our time in the city.

Overall, I’d have to give the Samurai Room 8/10 stars, and would recommend anyone planning a trip to Tokyo to stay here.

Airbnb Information:

Because Airbnb does not provide addresses for their listings until they have been booked, I don’t feel comfortable posting that information here.

However, if you’d like to check out the Samurai Room, here is the link for the listing:

Happy Traveling!